Investment and Immigration

Non Nigerians interested in leveraging the Nigerian market can rely on us for advice on matters related to doing business in and out of Nigeria. This includes advising on all legal and regulatory requirements as well as incentives available for doing business in Nigeria. We offer far reaching and cost effective solutions on business startups, procurement of visas, expatriate quotas, business, residence and other permits. Regularly we assist our Clients in procuring regulatory permits and operational licenses required for their business engagements from statutory and regulatory authorities.

We also offer a pragmatic and step-by-step guidance for both foreign and local entrepreneurs seeking to set up shop in Nigeria. This guidance covers the main legal and economic indicators of all sectors of the Nigerian economy, including financial services, manufacturing, securities, taxation, telecommunications, shipping, aviation, construction, media and entertainment, commerce and real estate with a view to achieving optimum returns on investments for our clients by leveraging industry specific incentives and tax efficient solutions 

Our expertise overlaps to other areas of our practice as we offer a holistic assessment of the investment process for foreign and domestic investors. We create cost efficient and effective investment arrangements suitable for our Clients, including choosing the most suitable vehicles for their endeavors. We also offer advice on matters relating to exchange controls, remittance of dividends and repatriation of capital.