Adesokan & Adesokan is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse group of qualified lawyers and staff. Maintaining a workplace that includes a broad range of ideas and backgrounds help us better serve our clients in a constantly changing world and an increasingly complex business and legal environment.

Adesokan & Adesokan is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of any classifications whatsoever.

Adesokan & Adesokan offers a professional environment with a full staff that encourages teamwork among all the departments. Our staff includes:

Managerial Department
File Clerks / Couriers
Human Resources Department
Information Technologies Department
Paralegal Staff
Secretarial Staff

We invite qualified applicants who share our commitment to producing a superior work product and generating sound, practicable, front-end advice to begin or build their careers with Adesokan & Adesokan. If you are interested in applying for an Associate or Senior Associate position with the firm, please submit a typed cover letter, resume or transcript to:

Administration and Recruitments,

Adesokan & Adesokan,
The Legacy,
53-57 Bamgbose Street,
Lagos. Nigeria.
Telephone: +234 1 2702944, +234 1 271 3507, +234 (0) 9024043275.

Fax: + 234 1 71 3507


If your application meets our current hiring needs, we will contact you to schedule a preliminary briefing. Adesokan &Adesokan is a legal firm that offers competitive salaries and superior benefits packages to the right candidates.